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CTA - May 22, 2015 - Taking Action Against the Waco Tragedy

Together in solidarity is how we win this!

What is the CTA about?

Following the tragedy in Waco, 170 individuals were arrested, charged with participating in organized crime, and given $1 million dollar bails. Although there are currently insufficient details to determine exactly what happened at twin Peaks, there is ZERO DOUBT that the majority of the 170 individuals are not responsible for any violence. The majority of individuals that were arrested do not have a criminal record.

This was a Confederation of Clubs and Independents meeting solely intended to discuss legal and political issues. It was not, as has been reported, a gang meeting to discuss turf. COC meetings have been occurring in Texas and nationwide for decades without a single violent incident. The myth being purported is simply false.

Video from inside the restaurant clearly shows the vast majority of bikers running away from the shooting and even helping civilians get to safety. Remember, law enforcement was on the scene and should have a clear picture of aggressors and victims. This should not be a guessing game. But it appears that the Waco PD arrested the majority of eyewitnesses and rights activists present at a publicly promoted political event.

So, for example, how can a mother, father, and son setting up a public safety booth for a political gathering be guilty of organized crime when violence erupts around them? It is not a crime to be present when a tragedy occurs. But that is how the majority of the 170 arrested are being charged and characterized. There are veterans, ministers, former law enforcement, and everyday working Americans that are being denied their freedom and having their reputations tarnished because they were being responsible constituents and participating in the democratic process.

$1 million dollar bails for 170 individuals is baseline corruption. Bail is intended to insure that an individual attends court and does not flee. Extraordinary bail is being used as a punitive measure in Waco. It has been reported that few if any bondsmen in Waco will cover a $1 million dollar bond. In effect, bail is being used to keep innocent people incarcerated cut off from their families and places of employment. Many have already lost their livelihoods simply due to accusations and conjecture.

It is imperative that average American citizens are not stereotyped as criminals simply because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. The national biker community urges all relevant officials in Texas to reevaluate this massive injustice and make corrections. Charges on the majority of the 170 are clearly specious and should be dropped so these individual victims of overzealous law enforcement may return to their families and begin the process of healing and recovery.

What can I do?

Call Email, Fax, the following people, demanding the immediate release of all these innocent families, friends and patriots that are being held unlawfully in Waco, TX.

Government Offices

White House of the Unites States - Comments: 202-456-1111 Switchboard: 202-456-1414

TX Governor Greg Abbott - Phone - 512-463-2000 - Email – and Fax – 512-463-1849 Online Contact

TX Lt. Governor Dan Patrick - Phone – 512-463-0001 - Comment Line: 512-463-5342 Email – - Fax – 512-463-8668

TX Secretary of the Senate Patsy Spaw - Phone – 512-463-0100 - Email – - Fax – 512-463-6034

TX Supreme Court - Main Phone – 512-463-1312 - Fax – 512-463-1365

Texas Senator Brian Birdwell - Phone - 254-772-6225 - Fax 254-776-2843 - Email -

Waco, TX Mayor Malcolm Duncan Jr - Phone – 254-299-2489 - Email – - Fax – 254-750-8032

Waco, TX City Manager Dale Fisseler - Phone – 254-750-5640 Email – Fax – 254-750-5880

Waco District Manager - Shelly Verlander - Phone 254-772-6225 Fax 254-776-2843

Waco Sheriff Parnell McNamara - Phone – 254-757-5000 - Email –

Waco Police Department - Phone – 254-750-7500

Waco Criminal District Attorney Abel Reyna - Phone – 254-757-5084 - Fax – 254-757-5021

Waco District Judge Ralph Strother (19th) - Phone 254-757-5081

Waco District Judge Matt Johnson (54th) Phone 254-757-5051

Waco District Judge Gary Coley (74th) - Phone 254-757-5075

District Judge Jim Meyer (170th) - Phone 254-757-5045

District Judge Vicki Menard (414th) - Phone 254-757-5053

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