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Aid to Injured Motorcyclists (AIM)

The law offices of Richard M. Lester have been helping bikers for nearly 30 years. Richard Lester, founding attorney, realized the need for injured bikers to be professionally represented. He understood that motorcycle cases are very different accidents and that there was a need for lawyers that knew motorcycles because they rode too. Check out their website to find out more.

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The Aid To Injured Motorcyclists App provides you with helpful resources and easy access to emergency tools that can help get you to safety in the event of an accident.??

Region II: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas

Article L Section 8, of the Texas Constitution guarantees the right to everyone in Texas of freedom of speech, expression, and association. Unlike the First Amendment of the United States Constitution which only protects against the government depriving a citizen of speech, expression, or association, the Texas Free Speech provision prohibits anyone, public or private, from depriving a citizen of his or her right to freedom of speech, expression, or association. Hajek v. Bill Mowbray Motors Inc, 647 S.W.2d 253, decided by the Texas Supreme Court in 1983.

Don't subject yourself to civil and criminal penalties and to expensive and time consuming lawsuits. Don't discriminate against people wearing colors or motorcycle attire.